Mike van Bokhoven's Heron MJ1

Heron #2 at Rotorua Fibreglass Industries. It's still upside down, but the photos below have been rotated to make them a bit easier on the eyes.

Here the engine and gearbox are in place. The fit seems to be better than I'd expected, everything appears to line up very well, even including the diff output shafts. Thanks muchly to Paul for doing all this, he's doing a superb job!

The output shafts look good, the engine looks low, and the side vents look perfect!
Plenty of clearance between the top of the engine and the parcel shelf.
Plenty of room around the gearbox too, though the luggage compartment won't be coming back, obviously. Removal of the number plate dimple in the rear valance (unused anyway) will probably be required to make room for the gearshift assembly.
The sump is a little low, as is the exhaust. Some attention could be paid to this, but the car's not going to be an off-roader. Then again, don't want it getting stuck on things...

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