Heron Club Newsletter, mid/late 1991 (exact date unknown)

Welcome to the first newsletter of the Heron car club. At this point we have not yet set up a proper club as we have been concentrating on finding the cars and owners. But we are now getting enough cars and interest to start up a club. We have located 16 cars and some very keen owners!!!!
There are still 10 or 12 cars out there somewhere, so any information that will help us track down these cars would be appreciated. I would like to thank Ross and the others who supplied write ups for this newsletter and I invite anyone to send in write ups for the next newsletter, these could be about anything to do with your cars, any problems, for sales, anything!!!
On the 17th + 18th of August we had our first Heron meet in Rotorua with four cars and seven owners. We intent to organise another meet in the near future and I am sure we will be able to muster a lot more cars and people.
I am also trying to put together a dorssier on all the MJ1s so would really appreciate information on your cars.
Expocar Sports and Racing Car Show is coming up on the 2nd and 3rd of November and we have been asked to put on a club display at the show so come along and support us, it should be a good show.
In following newsletters I will feature article on other cars Ross has built or raced which I feel will be of interest to you all.
Above all please write or phone me with information on cars and stuff for the next newsletter so we can really get this club up and running.

We are at the moment having tee shirts printed for the club, these will have the Heron emblem and Heron Car Club on the front and a blueprint of the MJ1 on the back, anyone interested in these please get in touch with me.

The HERON OWNERS REGISTER will do much to further your enjoyment & driving pleasure.
Revel in Your HERON MJ1, helping each other to maintain these unique cars in top order & appearance.

And remember ..... all parts are readily available. Been pranged? The body can be exactly rebuilt in it's own moulds. Many of the original production team remain on hand to provide those skills.
Proud of our involvement;